Bergere de France Free Pattern Baby cardigan N°5

I just received the free pattern Bergere de France sends me every month, and I’m really exited about this one !

A very cute baby cardigan, long sleeve, buttoned on the front, lovely collar… Exactly what I was looking for !

And I have plenty of Caline yarn left. I like that yarn, it’s easy to knit, washes well, and it’s available in black, too. Which is cool because I’m soon going to knit for a goth baby.

I might just go with the Couffin color (dark pink, bottom-right) and end with with white borders, do you have any other suggestion for a matching color ?

The pattern is written for 1-3-6-12-24 months, so I’ll be able to knit it many times.

I created a page on ravelry for it, right now it’s only available in French, but maybe if you ask Bergere de France, they’ll translate it. (I’d love to do the translation myself to help, but since it’s a copyrighted pattern, it wouldn’t be right).

I started knitting the 6 months size. Sor far, I’ve done the back and one sleeve, and I’m about to finish the second sleeve, but it’s raglan construction, and I’ve never done it before, so I’m slightly apprehensive. The Bergere de France patterns in french are alway written in an awkward way, like “knit 70 rows. meanwhile, do a lot of other stuff”. So if you don’t pay attention and re-write the pattern in a chronological order, you have to rip it off to go back to the moment you add to decrease/increase/whatever. Don’t know why it’s always like that, the patterns you buy are written the same way. I don’t mind re-writing a free pattern, but re-writing a pay pattern is really a bore.

il ne me reste que le blanc, le gris bleuté, le jaune, le rose foncé , et les bleus.

Do you also have to re-write your patterns ?

How do you like this baby cardigan ? Any baby clothing on your needles right now ?

And a question to both knitters and parents, which is the most practical way of closing a cardigan ? Are buttons handy or not ?



Anything to say ? Comment here !

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