Green lonely tree shawl

I’m finally done with my first Lonely Tree Shawl. An easy lacy shawl with a nice leaf pattern, quite quick to knit. I used 5,5mm needles.

Unfortunately I picked up a bad yarn for that project, the yarn “sport” by Bergère de France. I love the “armoise” color, a rich yellowy green, but that yarn itches so much I add to stop knitting before the end of the pattern. Therefor, the last 4 row are missing, and I only knit a plain border. And the yarn isn’t even warm…

I made a few mistakes but they don’t show that much, so I didn’t feel like ripping it and doing it all over again.

I may knit this pattern again, but with a different yarn.

Have you knit that shawl ? Which yarn and needle size did you use ?

Right after cast off
leaf pattern detail


Knitting any shawl at the moment ?



  1. Your shawl is gorgeous. I love that leaf pattern. It looks perfect! Too bad about the yarn. I’m not knitting a shawl right now, but I was thinking about it earlier today. I love how you have to knit kind of slowly (at least I do) and completely pay attention to what you are doing. And it’s so satisfying when you finish!

    • Thank you ! Yes, knitting lace pattern gives me that quiet feeling, like nothing else matters, and it’s indeed so satisfying ! Right now I’m knitting a garter stitch baby cardigan, and it really doesn’t feel the same way, it’s more automatic and let’s finish this as quick as possible.

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