On facebook, translating knitting patterns and hobbits.

Hello everyone.

I haven’t posted here for a while, was kinda busy knitting for my forthcoming niece, repairing my stupid old wordpress.org blog and reading a ridiculous amount of detective novels.

So, first, I finally found my way through facebook and created a page for the blog.

Then knitting : I just published my first knitting pattern on Ravelry, it’s free and darn cute, but only available in french at the moment, here on ravelry and here on my french blog (at least, photos are universals, right ?).

And now I hear you saying that you can’t read french and so on, so yes, I’m translating the pattern right now, and will publish it here and on ravelry as soon as it’s decent. If you want to review it before I publish it, let me know ! Seems like there’s a vocabulary gap between US knitting and UK knitting, not talking about Australian knitting and so on… will do my best, but be prepared if it turns out funny.

Peter Jackson’Hobbit is going to be released soon, and I can’t wait to read people’s reactions. It’s a weird moment for me because about 7 years ago I decided I wanted to become a hair and makeup artist to go glue hobbits hairy feet in New-Zealand. Life decided otherwise (tho I actually became a hair and makeup artist), but I’m still so exited to see all the details, the prosthetics, the wigs (ho dear, gandalf’s wig !!) and the costumes and I really hope they’ll make a creepy Smaug.

(and it’s cool to geek around the wordpress.com area, quite different from the .org one, but not as frustrating as I used to think… we’ll see !)

Take care, have fun, and will be back soon


Anything to say ? Comment here !

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