Looking for quick and easy baby cardigans ?

I knit a lot of baby cardigans these days.

Thanks to Ravelry, I’m discovering a new world of intense cuteness.

I knitted multiple versions of the Garter Stitch Baby Kimono 

baby cardigan merino wool lanas stop


Wool : Prima Merino by Lanas Stop, needles 2,5mmIt’s easy to knit, and so lovely everyone who sees me knitting asks me
the pattern.
But It’s a bit long to finish, usually takes me 3 to 4 weeks, working

Garter stitch is comfortable for babies, and it looks great, but it can
be a little boring.

I have no experience yet with babies, so I hesitate a lot when it comes
to choosing the right yarn.

I never know if it’s soft enough, if it’s easy to wash, if the parents
will like the colors…

I’m knitting a lot of Bergère de France baby yarn right now, so I
thought I’d review them :


  • Ciboulette : I have the color Paille, a light yellow slightly turning white sometimes, very cute but
    a bit fragile, pointy needles tend to tear it off. It says 2,5mm needles, I prefer 3mm so it’s not to tight.
  • Caline : a bit thicker  than Ciboulette, and more resistant. They say 3mm needles, it’s fine, 3,5mmnworks well too.

My hands are too dry, so I asked my family if they were soft enought, and they said yes.

Have you ever tried these yarns ? Did you like them ?

What is you favourite baby cardigan pattern ?

Do you prefer a quick and easy pattern, or a cute and complicated one ?

What yarn would you recommend ?


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