Knitting Projects and Doubts – April

Knitting projects – April

Thanks again to everyone after that lovely Knitting Blog Week.

I have too many knitting projects right now, and I’m not very happy
with them :

First that teal
lace scarf :

teal lace

  • I’m using an old pattern I made years ago, and still like

The color is perfect but the yarn feels like plastic, I’m not sure it’s
soft enought to wear around the neck.
So I don’t know what to do, do I make a decorative scarf, or do I make
squares for a lightweight blankett ? I have a nice purple skein in
Annecy too that could match.

Then comes the boléro 401 Bergère de France

Bolero 401 Bergere de France

  • It’s tagged as easy, but it’s an incredibly obscure
    pattern. I’m really not sure about the result. It doesn’t look
    like the others’ on Ravelry.
  • It takes a lot of yarn, and I don’t really like it it has a
    itchy metalic thread in it.
  • But I really want to find a way to finish it, don’t know
    what to do with that yarn and it’s a gift for my mother.

I proudly finished 2 grown-up sweater and baby clothing, so I thought I
could knit interesting projects, but I don’t know wether I should keep
on trying these or just start something new fresh and easy ?
 Do you have links to easy patterns that don’t make you feel
stupid ?
What do you do when your knitting fails you ?



Anything to say ? Comment here !

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