In spite of thunder, we remain knitters


Knitting takes more time.
Crochet takes more yarn.

Knitting cliks,
Crochet picks.
Knitting is pretty and easy,
Crochet feels free.

Knitting needles lost in my bed
and hooks stuck in my hair
Pieces of yarn all over
and so many projects in my head

I think I like them both
Sometime they make me laught
They get me creative all the same
They’re always there when I need them

pink crochet
Crochet Pink Squares to learn

and Knit Baby Blanketts for fun

Thank you everyone for
this amazing week, I have discovered so many great blogs (and have so
much catching up to do now).

The world might be a mess
We knitters are blessed
In spite of thunder
we knit together



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