Black vs Color (Knitting Blog Week)

knitting blog week 2012 day 1

knitting and crochet blog week 2012

Funny how knitting changed my choice of colors. As a good old goth, i
used to dress in black and sometimes a little purple and aubergine.

I would knit black, but would soon drop.

Knitting black feels boring and painful when you discover how easier it
is to knit colors. You know, when you can actually see where your knit
and when you messed up.

So I decided to go knit beige merinos wool instead of black acrylic,
and was happilly knitting ever after.
I started wearing teal and grey and beige, without feeling un-gothed.

Right now, I’m knitting white (a color I used to be scared of), a
lovely fluffy spanish baby yarn called Nuvole
and I’m loving it.

I went from knitting this :
litaines goth
to this :


rainbow pocket knit



  1. Knitting (and crocheting) with black makes my eyes go funny staring at it for so long but I do like a good black project once in awhile! Your two projects you shared are so cute, I love them!

  2. Normally I’m completely against black, but I really like how you used it in these mitts. And of course I love purples and blues (my favorite colors!) so the bag is one of my favorites.

    • Yes, funny that I used a lot of colors in my job as a make up artist, but it took knitting to really get me into them clotheswise.

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